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Aaekam means unique. Like our fingerprint’s. Our brand also caters uniqueness of an individual.

Aaekam, uniqueness from our clothes to your personality. We want to introduce the concept of simple yet elegant clothing bringing uniqueness to your daily life.

Made with cotton, using organic farming methods which minimize water usage and eliminate pesticides, for better soil health.

Round The Bend.

This collection is a passion of a 66-year-old man, who always want to design something for the people around him while maintaining the simplify of their daily life.

Have you ever wondered how a simple white shirt highlights someone’s eyes or accentuate smile of the other!

He has spent years reading people and realized that an elegant and tasteful collection can accentuate your personality and make your outfit unique in the crowd.

He wanted to make something tasteful yet classy.

This collection is finally giving wings to his passion and providing a platform to showcase his life experience in form of art draped on people.

Got questions?

We offer great help and care to solve any problem you have. You can reach out to us for assistance whenever you need it. We appreciate your choice in us.

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